About David

A little about David…

David Berry started his professional career as a tennis professional teaching the game to many juniors and seniors alike. He has represented the Cayman Islands at the Central American and Caribbean Games, The PANAM games and dozens of overseas and local tournaments. He still plays in the International Tennis Federation tournaments worldwide, and has achieved a world ranking of 62 in the 35’s. He believes that fitness and nutrition go a long way to him achieving success as a realtor.

David BerryDavid started selling real estate in 1986 with Ellesmere Britannia. After several months of intense sales training, Ellesmere hired him to their sales team in November 1986 and he quickly worked his way up becoming a sales executive in January 1987 on a commission only basis.

David then left Cayman in 1988 to study at Florida International University on a four year tennis scholarship, graduating with degrees in Finance and Marketing. After arriving home in 1992 and coaching tennis for a year he resumed his real estate career and has been with Cambridge Real Estate since 1992.

Over the past twenty years David has sold over 50 million Dollars worth of real estate and still relishes in the idea of helping his clients find there dream home.


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